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Titania & Steve – St Etheldreda’s Church & The Artisan of Clerkenwell, London

This is the full day of Titania & Steve, whose preview I put up a little while ago. They got married in St Etheldreda’s Church near Farringdon before heading to the awesome venue that is The Artisan of Clerkenwell

Hope you enjoy the pictures

Titania&Steve_Wedding-35 Titania&Steve_Wedding-38 Titania&Steve_Wedding-1 Titania&Steve_Wedding-2 Titania&Steve_Wedding-14 Titania&Steve_Wedding-15 Titania&Steve_Wedding-8 Titania&Steve_Wedding-28 Titania&Steve_Wedding-29 Titania&Steve_Wedding-44 copy Titania&Steve_Wedding-49 View full post »

Lydia Evans - Oh wow. What a stunning bride. You’ve captured the light beautifully Nabeel.

Titania Altius - Thank you so much for being a part of our day. Wonderful pictures, you’re very talented and you fit in seamlessly! X