The Wedding Industry Awards 2014 Finalist!

Thanks for clicking to find out more about my Wedding Industry Awards nomination – you can find out more about the awards at their website here – TWIA 2014 (opens in a new tab)

I entered into these awards earlier in the year and in all honesty forgot about it all as the busy wedding season took over my life – so when realising I only had a couple of months to get all my votes in, I started contacting this year’s couples.

The way it works is that only couples who I have shot the weddings of in the last 12 months can vote, giving me a score in multiple categories which I don’t find out until later in the year. All that I know is that my average score was high enough for me to make it into the finals for Best Wedding Photographer in London and the South East – so thank you all for that, it really is flattering that so many of you wanted to vote and even more flattering that I got such high marks, I could not have done it without you guys.

I should also say that once they have picked the regional winners, there is a National Final which each regional winner gets in to, and that is the Best Wedding Photographer in the UK.

Now even though they have not yet announced any of the winners, I wanted to put this post up to thank those that have voted and also to all of you that have supported me over this crazy year. It really has been a rollercoaster ride of a career so far, involving many ups and and a sad number of downs, but I wouldn’t change any of it –  just having made it this far is a big enough reward.


[Below are some of my favourite images from this year’s weddings – it made me smile going through all the days again]